Blog Suicide. Sort Of.

I guess in the blogosphere not posting for as long as I have, is coming close to what you could call blog suicide. Sort of. My stats are dropping fast (ah well …) but life goes on. And that’s good. Needless to say I miss blogging, but really, there was no time. At all.

Italy. Check. Champagne. Again. Check. Now it’s back and although I hoped for one hot summer, all we got for the moment is: rain, wind, rain, rain, wind, clouds, rain. Repeat.

So before I start food blogging again, here’s what I am busy doing for the moment, virtually so to speak:

  • enjoying my Yummy Blog Award  (yey!) and being so unbelievably grateful to my fellow foodblogger for it. Previous award still fresh in mind.  
  • updating flickr and discovering so many talented photographers. I could spend days just browsing flickr. Oh, and trying out this. Do you have a flickr account?
  • overwhelmed by the many, droolworthy food photography sites out there. Tastespotting (congrats on the comeback), FoodGawker,  PhotoGrazing, RecipeMuncher.  Any other you know of?
  • making endless wish lists on Amazon and hoping for great sales and discounts.
  • Nigella, Indian Nigella, Chinese Nigella?! Trying to figure it all out.
  • browsing through food blogs (old and new), food magazines, organizing my recipes (not only online), tagging and looking ahead at a delicious summer.

What are you doing these days? That is besides cooking up a storm and food blogging.

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  • Like you I’m drowned in the Rain-Wind-Cloud merry go round that is being this season (I’m not calling it summer!).

    I’m baking and cooking, though most recipes are not blog worthy, just the typical what to throw together for dinner. I’m also cooking my way through the recipes I like from the latest cooking books I’ve purchased. And those are being reviewed or posted (in case of big mods, or requests).

    And right now, I’m waiting for the delicious vanilla custard to cool down to fridge temperature, and the ice cream machine bowl to freeze, so I can make my first ever ice cream at home. I’ve gone “plain luscious vanilla” because one can never go wrong with vanilla!

  • Celine

    I hadn’t noticed RecipeMuncher yet, but found out about PhotoGrazing yesterday. oy. it all makes my head spin a little!

    do we know each other on flickr? I think we do.

    pay no mind to the stats, Andreea. that can make one’s head spin too.

  • Hmmm. great photolinks but they make me feel pretty crap…I’ll heve to up my limits I guess.

  • I don’t think we know each other on Flickr, but I’d love to see your pics of Europe, yay… It’s always so romantic. Even when it’s about food.
    I’m juggling medical licensure exams with the occasional dessert 😛

  • Thanks for the congrats 🙂 glad to be back

  • mycookinghut

    It’s nothing better here in London. Guess the summer is gonna be rains, clouds, more rains, gales, ….. yucks! sounds like winter 🙁
    I found myself having so much to do yet too little time.

  • Sometimes, taking a breather is a good way to recharge the blogging batteries so to speak! Your trip sounds fun! We need to read more about it when you got the time!