Blog Suicide. Sort Of.

I guess in the blogosphere not posting for as long as I have, is coming close to what you could call blog suicide. Sort of. My stats are dropping fast (ah well …) but life goes on. And that’s good. Needless to say I miss blogging, but really, there was no time. At all.

Italy. Check. Champagne. Again. Check. Now it’s back and although I hoped for one hot summer, all we got for the moment is: rain, wind, rain, rain, wind, clouds, rain. Repeat.

So before I start food blogging again, here’s what I am busy doing for the moment, virtually so to speak:

  • enjoying my Yummy Blog Award  (yey!) and being so unbelievably grateful to my fellow foodblogger for it. Previous award still fresh in mind.  
  • updating flickr and discovering so many talented photographers. I could spend days just browsing flickr. Oh, and trying out this. Do you have a flickr account?
  • overwhelmed by the many, droolworthy food photography sites out there. Tastespotting (congrats on the comeback), FoodGawker,  PhotoGrazing, RecipeMuncher.  Any other you know of?
  • making endless wish lists on Amazon and hoping for great sales and discounts.
  • Nigella, Indian Nigella, Chinese Nigella?! Trying to figure it all out.
  • browsing through food blogs (old and new), food magazines, organizing my recipes (not only online), tagging and looking ahead at a delicious summer.

What are you doing these days? That is besides cooking up a storm and food blogging.

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