Monday (Food) Photo

Mondays on Glorious Food and Wine are usually … pretty quiet. After spending the whole weekend either cooking or taking photos, or both, Mondays tend to be a little anti-climatic. Sure, there is the Monday blues with getting back to a normal (work) schedule, wake up early, go to bed late, try to fit it all in between. But why should this lovely food blog suffer. Right?

Which is why I thought … something easy … something fun … photo – food – food photo – gadgets? – quiz – a Monday food photo quiz. Up for the game? There will be items I actually know what they are, but trust me there is a lot in our household I am not entirely sure of. Or the purpose thereof. Some will be fun to see the answers to, others I really hope you’ll help me get the answers to.

Oh, and if you have a food item or gadget yourself you’d like to put to the test, let me know. We’ll post it, link back to you and who knows? Maybe even come up with an answer.

First one up: can you guess the item photographed and its purpose? Have fun!

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