Monday (Food) Photo

It’s Monday. Again. Time does fly by, don’t you think?

I realize this is a knife. Sort of. But any idea what kind of knife or what it is used for? I am particularly intrigued by the little dent/ hook at the top of the knife. I found the knife at a brocante* in Reims and thought it would make a great eventual prop for my food photos.

* brocante = professional flea market

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  • Oh wow. I dunno. It’s for damaging your mouth. Ha ha. It’s a cheese spoon? I’m so bad at this.

  • Mucho cool fork… Makes my faux silver olive forks look like crap.

    News of the day, you’ve been awarded an award on… drop by to collect!

  • I would say it’s a fish knife? perhaps? I’m not sure at all on this one!
    Is the blade made of bone?

  • I would say it’s a fish knife too, the small dent to remove any bones from the fish on your plate…

  • Hmm… love the knife and I think it might be a oysterknife. I’ve seen once that are used for opening the oysters and it kind of looks the same I would say…

  • Lucy

    It’s a sauce spoon. I first saw one at The French Laundry, but couldn’t figure out what it was for an ignored it. Saw it again at Michael Mina and worked up the courage to ask the waiter. Forgot to ask what that little hook is for, though.

  • Bug

    I would venture the hooks would be to test the thickness of the sauce. With the different sizes a drop or stream would form on then at different thicknesses.

  • Lisa Imerman

    I searched around online and it appears to be more of a fish knife than a sauce spoon.

    At first glance I though maybe a cheese knife, but I think more likely a fish knife.


  • Bronwyn

    I’ve seen lots of fish knives and that doesn’t look like any of them. Fish knives have long flatter blades. This is definitely a spoon of some sort. Apart from the wee hook it’s very like my jam spoons. I’d say it’s for scooping something firmish.

  • This is a fish knife meant to be used when served whole fish. This is a bit stylized though. Bronwyn is right most of them have long blades. But that is what is most closely resembles. The hook on the end is to help with removing skin and the curved blade is to assist in removing whole pieces of fillet neatly off the fish skeleton.

  • Frank

    I think it is an old jam spoon, for the time when they produced really thick fruity jams.

  • thank you all for the great input! yet i am still very confused. i have been searching the nternet as well and i don’t find a fish knife like it, nor a jam spoon. what should we classify it as? fish or jam?

    any further thoughts?

    stay tuned for next monday as there we are really lost ๐Ÿ™‚

  • scott

    Would this not be a wicked absinthe spoon?? Cut the sugar and drain the water… um?

  • guess it’s cheese knife!

  • Gabrielle McDowell

    Kitarra is closest (in my opinion). How large is this “thing?”