A White Dinner. A Sexy Dessert.

Let’s escape reality. Even if it is just for this afternoon …

The invitation read simply: White. Nothing more, nothing less. But so appropriate for the heat this summer. White it is. There is of course the white tuxedo, for the very James Bond party last year. Today I am thinking more feathers, waves, silk. A long, vaporous white dress. Simply worn with a long red scarf and flip flops. Sophisticated. Yet simple.

The sun is still shining. Not yet gone, I still enjoy the soft, hot rays of sunshine on my skin. I love the feel of summer.

Arriving, everywhere, everyone, everything is white. White linen suits. White dresses. White tablecloths. White canapes. White candles. How strange to leave the coloured world behind and find yourself in a white summer dream. Champagne is poured, and of course crisp, cold white wine. We don’t even realize that people stop to look at us, cars drive past, wondering what this white vision is all about. Who are we? Emerged in our white moment, we talk, we laugh, we drink more champagne.

Somewhere in the background, I can hear music. The sun is still shining and all I can think of is I am dreaming, in white. Maybe we’ll eat later. An elegant dinner, sexy food. Perhaps some strawberries and more champagne? The music in the background gets louder. We dance. The sun sets.

Floating in white, we wish the night will never end. That summer will be forever. Our mid summer (white) dream.

A Sexy White Dessert – Strawberry Zabaglione

2 eggs
30g golden caster sugar
2tbsp marsala
90ml double cream, softly whipped
25 strawberries, 7 pureed, the rest kept whole
small biscuits to decorate

Put the eggs, sugar, marsala and a pinch of salt in a large glass bowl. Fill another larger bowl with iced water and set aside. Put the first bowl over (not in) a pan of simmering water. Whisk the mixture with electric beaters until very thick or about 3 times the volume. Remove from the heat and set inside the bowl of iced water, then whisk again until cold. Fold in the whipped cream and pour into glasses. Swirl a spoonful of the puree through each. Decorate with whole strawberries, then chill for at least 3 hours before serving. (Recipe from Olive, June 2008 )

This post is also my contribution to SHF 45 ‘Berries’ hosted by Food Blogga. Initiated by the Domestic Goddess, Sugar High Friday is mildly put a sweet tooth blogging extravaganza.

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