• pidgeon92

    I’m pretty sure that’s for making toasted sandwiches over a campfire….

  • We called it a Jaffle Iron in Australia. Growing up my mother made toasted sandwiches with them on a wood burning stove. I think they are mostly used for camping now and here is an Australian site that sells them.

  • Pretty sure this is for making ‘croque monsieur’ with a fire place, or on a gas cooking thing.


  • cakebaker_cakemaker

    Yes Barbara is spot on …it’s a jaffle iron…..butter 2 pieces of bread on one side, place the buttered sides against the iron put filling on and then sandwich together …there was usually a clip to help keep the iron locked while cooking.

  • Wow, I’m glad someone came up with the answer… I was about to write something dumb like “breast cookie press” or something, hee hee πŸ™‚ (what about that, I just did!)

  • Lan

    my exboyfriend had one. i just know that you put awesome sandwich concoctions in it, close and put over a fire pit and ignore for a litle bit. can you imagine the peanut butter and banana sandwich results that would come out of this thing?? yumo!

  • treatwitch

    In the midwest we call that a pie iron, same idea, buttered bread, butter side to iron fill with sweet or savory and toast over a campfire.

    a fabulous case of sum so much greater than parts.

    we made some tasty sweet potate with cilantro chuteny ones.

    any leaftovers can be pied, any fruits….

  • Tovie

    We called them hobo pie makers. We usually just did dessert with them as hotdogs were the standard campfire fare. Buttered bread and your choice of canned pie filling.

  • Gabrielle McDowell

    YUP, everyone is right on. I’ve used ours on the electric stove and on top of the wood stove in our living room. Great fun and yummie.

  • Heather

    it’s a pudgy-pie maker!! my family used those all the time when we would camp… white bread stuffed with cherry pie filling or stuffed with banana and PB… oh how i miss those!

    now i must hunt for the (hopefully) remaining pudgy-pie press πŸ™‚


  • Sandwich press! Although jaffle iron sounds much nicer πŸ™‚

  • It is used to make toasted sandwiches. Cubans make them out of Cuban (Italian-like) brad. Just fill a piece of bread what your favorite filling and put in the press. Press it down, trim the excess and toast over a burner. Delicious!

  • Jen

    We call them Hobo Pie Makers, just add toast and beans, or whatever hobos eat.

  • anonymous

    We do a pizza version with just pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni for the kids and our version for dessert is to spread whipped cream cheese over one side and then top with pie filling and press and toast over campfire. Key is heavily buttering the bread on the outsides.

  • wow. and again wow. thank you so much – you guys really helped us out!
    the jaffle iron (love that name!) is about a palm big – and now that we have all these great suggestions, i can’t wait to use it.
    gabrielle glad to hear you used it on an electric stove as well, as that’s all we got πŸ™‚

    stay tuned for next monday πŸ™‚

  • Oooooh lucky you. It’s a sandwich maker. We had a very rustic version of this at home when we were little. We used to make sandwich toasts over the fire. In fact, I was telling my hub the other day, that it’s one thing I miss a lot. Good for you…

  • Jill

    As a child we camped a lot and this was known as a “quickie pie” maker. Buttered bread and cherry pie filling, hold it over a campfire…Yum. It might have been a quickie pie, but it seemed it took forever for it to cool enough to be eaten.

  • In New Zealand they are called a Toastie Pie Maker. We took one to the beach to have over a fire, usually filled with an egg and cheese.

  • mph

    We called them “mountain pies”.

  • Erin

    We use those over the fire when we go camping, we’ll do a piece of bread on each side, then pie filling in the middle, or cheese, or whatever else we think will make a good sandwich.

  • Vee

    In South Africa the round version of the Jaffle Iron is more popular and is not only for camping. Most homes have a few and as kids it was almost a ritual to get toasted sandwiches made over the weekend, with an amazing verity of fillings.No snackwich-maker can beat the taste. Thank you, it brigs back a lot of wonderful memories.

  • lindsaywillman

    pudgy pies!!

    buttered bread + fruit filling.
    buttered bread + cheese + (meat).

    if it can go between two pieces of bread, you’re golden. warm over campfire.

  • ixora

    When I was little, in India they had a very similar item made of stainless steel to toast bread and make toasted sandwiches. Usually Ghee was added and then a filling of spicy mashed potatoes was toasted over a gas stove. It was delicious.