• Dominique

    Don’t know how it is called in English but in French, it is a “pince à sucre”. It is used to pick up a sugar cube without using your fingers directly.

  • It indeed is a device to pick up up sugarcubes. Fancy stuff for an autnentic “English Tea Time”

  • Yup. For picing up sugar cubes. My mum has one. That she never uses. Lol.

  • Oh, my oma had one of those (with one failing “arm” that stood upright and had to be forced down manually). Left me giggling helplessly every time.

  • Yea, its a sugar claw. My Mom has one too – in silver – and its a very common thing to have on your coffee table in Norway. I guess the British use them on their tea table 🙂

  • Looks like a crab claw cracker? That’s my guess.

  • Wait it’s a corkscrew