Ham. Cheese. Figs, Honey?

[Glorious Food and Wine is currently touring Alicante. In the meantime an autumnal recipe initially published here in September 2007.]

figs with parma

What a week it has been. Oh, yes, and it is not over yet. Seems life in Brussels has found its usual (insane!) rhythm after summer and real life took over. Big time. Days in the office are sometimes so long I barely muster the courage to heat something up at home, let alone cook.

Mark is currently between Brussels and London, and on my own, I have been living on more or less finger food. Not the healthiest option, I know. Not Nigella Express either. Better than a full blown take away though.

Ever since reading a very delicious post on figs wrapped in pancetta, I have been dying to try making (eating?) them. Somehow those figs right out the oven stayed with me in the back of my mind. Ideal (party) finger food. My cravings though got the better of me. No party in sight, but a quiet evening at home. Ingredients on hand – figs, Parma ham, goats cheese and honey. The rest is, well, ahem, food history.

Not difficult to make and simply stunning. Even too pretty to eat. Which of course was not the case. I did eat them and thoroughly enjoyed them with a simple leafy green salad on the side. Why the addition of goats cheese and honey? Well on the one hand, both ingredients were in the house. On the other, I thought that just ham and figs would be a little too dry for my taste. Then again, a personal twist to recipes didn’t harm anyone. And my brain is not exactly processing information as it should, so no questions asked, dinner was served.

What is your fig recipe this summer? Other than that I think I will now return to my pile of magazines and wait for … well, my Heroes!

Nostalgia moment: I started this blog almost two years ago. Last year around this time I was talking about Hungarian wines.

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