Wasabi Salmon. Coming up for Air.

Inevitably, life has come back to normal. My cold is over (finally!) and holiday a distant memory of sun and sea. I’ll have to tell you more about Bourgogne, the wonderful wines we discovered and then the treasures of Costa Brava. In the meantime though something fresh, something light, something … salmon.

Let me first confess: I am not the most fun when I have a cold. First of all, I usually tend to be very cranky. And then, I lose all appetite for cooked food. How weird is that? My guess is my taste buds get all confused and decide to strike. So I end up eating a lot of junk. Yes, junk! I’ll have chips. Then I’ll have chocolate. More chips. More chocolate. In between perhaps a sandwich. And lots of tea.

Which is why when my cold was finally over I felt sluggish. Tired. Weak. Most of all though hungry for something healthy. Do you know what I mean? Nothing too complicated, too sophisticated or too fancy. Simple, straight forward, ideally warm. Such as a beautiful piece of salmon.

That said, salmon on its own would have been too healthy. A mixture of soy sauce and lots of wasabi. And then some more. Left for 30min to quietly marinate in the fridge. On the grill. Done.

Do I feel better? Much. A healthy boost to what will be a long autumn. Full of gorgeous cooking ahead. Inspiration, from you.

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