BBC's The Restaurant. Expert Advice.

Let me tell you what I did last night. Watched BBC’s The Restaurant and took notes. Yes, you are reading correctly. Took notes!

If you saw the episode then you know why. If not, then for food bloggers around last night’s episode was all about food photography and design. The challenge? Three couples had to come up with cook books that promote their restaurant concepts. Not an easy task. On any level. Expert food photographers shared some tips. Never use yellow plates for food! Expert cook book sellers shared others. And in the end there was one winner and one loser.

Now on to our food blogging world: If you were to share ONE tip on food photography or food design what would it be? Let me get the ball rolling. My one tip would be – always use natural light. Now on to you. I want to know your top tip for food photography or food design. Comments are open.  

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