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Note: photo from the restaurant website/ the restaurant moved from its location on Chaussee de Charleroi (where we visited) to Uccle.

The story so far
Touareg. The restaurant opened a while ago and although I saw it in passing, somehow we never stopped. Probably the dark curtains in front of the windows, which blocked our view of what Toureg looked like inside. The lack of a welcoming front? Then, one day between airports, I read an article on Touareg in the Brussels Airlines Magazine. A Michelin inspector recommended the restaurant as one of his favortie, low(er) price addresses in Brussels. If it is good enough for a Michelin inspector … well then …

First impressions
Curtains aside, we went in. In all fairness, not much changed in our perception of a dark, somehow cluttered (perhaps not the right word but that’s how it felt) restaurant. I think expectations were along the lines of a North African restaurant, beaded cushions, 1001 Nights. Reality? A neatly but not extraodinary, somehow modern restaurant. Much like many other restaurants in Brussels. However the very welcoming staff made us look past the decor and we got a table for two. Ready?

The food
We were here for the acclaimed food. Good enough for a Michelin inspector, good enough for us. Or so I thought. The Assortiment Touareg, very nice and very tasty. Yet nothing surprising. My Couscous Facon Tetoun, chicken and a chutney of dried raisins and onions on the side? Again nothing spectacular. But probably the most expensive simple couscous I had in Brussels. The Touareg Decrouve le Nord (fish) across looked and tasted delicious though. Dinner envy? Me? Never.

But overall a little bof! Nice yes, but not exotic enough to justify the price, yet not simple enough to justify the price either. I think in my mind, and given the recommendations of a Michelin inspector, I was hoping to be transported to a night of magic, and feasts, and dance. Not much of that in Touareg.

Service with a smile
Very much so. The waiter took his time to explain the menu, the different dishes, as well as recommend a very tasty Maroccan wine. Plus every restaurant gets brownie points when at the end of the meal you are served a digestif maison- a shot of what the house considers their signature digestif. In Touareg we had a very sweet and interesting fig liqueur.

The verdict
Nice enough food, however we found it overpriced compared to other similar restaurants. Our bill came short of 100euro for not much. Go again? Probably not. As there are oh-so-many other restaurants to try out.


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