Inspiration. From My RSS.

Some festive inspiration, while browsing  the delicious food blogosphere this past weekend.

Holiday Brie – how gorgeous is this? I bet the whole family will love it.  

Peppermint Pistachio Fudge – I loved making them last year. And how wonderful: a peppermint touch.

Truffles– they look to die for. Perhaps a little time consuming, but definitely a keeper.

Coppa Wrapped Persimmons – I love the idea. Guess we solved our ‘contribution’ to the New Year Party this year.

Green Beans & Whole Grain Mustard Honey Vinaigrette – I can totally see this working. A great side dish for the Christmas meat, if you ask me.

Cinnamon Muffins – to me, cinnamon and Christmas fit together perfectly.

Homemade Grabola – a fabulous alternative to dessert.

Roasted Masala Cashews – after roasting almonds, I think it is time to give cashews a try too. Don’t you think?

And to end, the yearly Menu for Hope.

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  • Some super inspiring ideas here. Thanks for sharing!

  • Happy Xmas dear..

    Ps. They were some mouth watering links dear


  • I am so glad you found some inspiration in my recipes Andreea! Hope you have a great festive season!!

  • Oh, peppermint pistachio fudge sounds amazing! Thanks for the tasty links!