Hello?! 2009. Already?


Where did the time go by? It’s 2009. When – How – What? Seriously, I am at least 2 months behind. Stuck somewhere at the end of 2008.

So much happened. I barely had time to breathe and take the year in, let alone cook and blog. Add to this the very (very!) grey weather we had, and you have a massive back log on food photos. I took some, they are up on flickr … but really, nothing to brag about.

I guess all I’m trying to say is: I am still here, the food blog is still here, it just seems the two of us have problems meeting up. Finding time for each other. Which I hope will soon change. In the meantime though, some bread. Other than that, our kitchen saw polenta chips (more on that soon); delicious minced meat and cabbage wraps; french onion soups; really mouth watering steaks and home made sauce au poivre; and the latest in our repertoire, tartiflettes.

There is no promise when I will be back – but I will! – so in the meantime, some food from Februaries past:

– a leek and potato soup, to get you through the remaining cold winter days;

spicy carrots, a great alternative to the heavier side dishes we are so used to this time of the year;

– a bottom crust apple pie, a healthy dessert after months of indulgence.

Between now and next time, what have you been up to and what is new in the food blogosphere?

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