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This post is like zillions of months late. I meant to write about this restaurant just after we went for the first time. No such luck. In the meantime we have eaten there several times and it would be selfish to keep this discovery just for ourselves. So, here it is, almost a year later, our humble take on Brasserie Le Macon and its food.

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The story so far
There is something slightly out of place when it comes to Brasserie Le Macon. Uccle is not exactly your hip and trendy commune. Restaurants in this commune tend to go for the classic, the traditional look. Where grandparents, parents and children have been going for generations and will continue to do so for generations to come. Places where neither the décor nor the food have changed since the 1960s. Which, in itself, if you are a traditionalist, is a great comfort.

First impressions
Then, every so often, a new restaurant opens in Uccle. Like Brasserie Le Macon. A modern combination of black, lime green and aluminium. Huge lampshades hanging low over the slick black tables. A padded lime green wall in the back. Modern art on the walls.

You have no idea how refreshing it was to see Brasserie Le Macon open in Uccle!

The food
The menu perfectly reflects the brasserie style. Classics such as steak frites, or croquettes are on offer together with a delicious sounding section ‘la cuisine de Mamy’ – my grandmothers dishes. Which only lists pure Belgian dishes such as vol au vent, waterzooi, stoemp etc.

All come at very decent prices with starters between 10euro-15euro, mains from 9euro-20euro and desserts from 5euro-7euro. I opted for the boulette a la Liegeoise with frites, my other half went for the more adventurous sounding rognons de veau jus Duvel (veal kidney in Duvel sauce). Only minutes after our waiter took our order, the table next to us got their starters – which made me regret we didn’t order any: a gorgeous looking mozzarella-tomato salad and plump, crunchy coquettes. Next time.

Two Belgian beers later, and our food arrived. Frites in a cone (hmm… I wonder where have we seen that presentation before?), meat in little pots on the side. Delicious! Simple, but with all the flavours in the right place. Perfectly crunchy frites. Belgian comfort food at its best.

We paid 35euros for 2 beers and 2 mains.

Service with a smile
Going in, the restaurant was packed. With so many tables booked we were not sure if reservations would have been a safer option. A very helpful maitre d’ however took care of us and found us a little table, for two. In no time we were seated, coats taken off and menus in hand. Efficient, yet very pleasant. Even a French joke was thrown in, which of course we didn’t get …

The verdict
Go again? We already did. When family came over for New Year, we went there for a comforting, rich dinner on a cold January night. And again just the two of us, for a mid week dinner. And I can’t wait to go again.

Seriously, give it a try! And let us know what you think.

Brasserie Le Macon: website, Rue Vanderkindere 354, 1180 Brussels

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