June? Seriously. June?

A while ago Sid was asking if this is becoming a ‘one post a month’ kind of blog. I wish! It seems it is slowly becoming a ‘no post per month’ blog.

Why is that? Not because I suddenly lost my appetite. Nor is it because of a sudden loss of interest in (food) photography. It is more a case of real life becoming busier and well … more real … than ever before. Which means we get to eat to live, rather than live to eat. We get to eat out a lot more often than before. And the rest is taken up with: Contractors. Designers. Plumbers. Electricians. You name it.

Yes, we bought an apartment! Together! It’s gorgeous. But it’s also completely empty – imagine a lot of walls and nothing in between, above, on the ground. Multiply that by a lot of sq.m. and you have our very own Brussels apartment.

In between I am sure we’ll get to post here and there. And then there is some more news on the way. And maybe a review or the other. In the meantime though, please don’t give up on Glorious Food and Wine! Thanks 🙂

Andreea & Mark, the part-time builders.

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