Just because we are busy with builders, plumbers and electricians doesn’t mean we don’t follow what is going on the food world, drooling over new recipes and even occasional trying some out.

It’s just that we don’t have so much time to cook, prep, take photos, and then eat. We usually just cook and eat. Which, I assume, everyone outside the food blogging world is pretty much doing every day.

Here are some new discoveries we made:

The Cookie Shop – I absolutely love the sound of the apple cake. And the blondie? Oh my.

The Cooking Photographer – the puff pastry plum tart? Delicious.

Bucatar Maniac – gotta read Romanian for that one, but some great photos.

Au fil de mes reves d’amour – great recipes, bringing Italy and France together.

J’S Kitchen – a lot of soft, fluffy, tasty bread. Although, in all fairness, we have not made bread in ages! I miss that …

Local Lemons – recipe after recipe of yum!

… now, any other food blogs we should look into?

Andreea xxx

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