1 Month To Go.

Greece 2009

Right. You might have noticed September came. And went. I am pretty sure the same will be valid for October too.

We are moving into our new apartment at the end of the month so everything is as chaotic as could be. Although in all fairness we should not complain. Really! We even managed a short trip to Greece. So all good. All good.

How are you keeping up?

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  • All is good. First I must say I enjoy your blog as a first timer. Everyone deserves a little trip away…

    All I have to say is the image you up there is making me hungry………………..


  • Yum that salad looks DELICIOUS!

  • haccp

    Everything you cook looks so delicious, but (probably because I am a lazy cook myself) I wanted to say how lovely your photographs are. Itโ€™s always a treat to see youโ€™ve got something new up!