The Perfect Treacle Tart.

treacle tart

2009 was and still is a very busy year for us. A year filled with events, with family, with new projects. A year which is slowly coming to an end. Where we are looking forward to days filled with food, with drinks, with Christmas markets, with presents, with family. With sleep. Boy do I need to catch up on my sleep!

2010 will be a year where we will settle in. Enjoy our new apartment. Cook more. Get to know our neighbours, and be better friends. Entertain more. And on a personal level, get back in touch with my roots – which if not shared yet on the blog, are Romanian.

I miss Romanian food, I miss Romanian Christmas food. And as I was spoiled by my grandmother and then by my mother I want to bring that touch of magic back in my own family as well. There is one Romanian cookbook everyone owns, me included, which will be a good start for 2010. Maybe a recipe here and there, then more, all shared with you. What do you think?

In the meantime we’ll continue browsing the amazing food blogs out there, old and new, and get ready for a brilliant 2010. To close the year off, in search of perfection – always! – a treacle tart.

Too soon to wish you all a Merry Christmas?


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