Sunny Chicken Recipe. Weekend

Our lives are so NOT what they used to be in 2009/2010. We are not talking big changes as such, just more work, part time living in Brussels, attention given to decorating the apartment and less so to food. And so on.

Of course we do eat. We even decided to give ourselves a push and with 2 other couples got a whole dinner – challenge – theme going. Something along the lines of Come Dine with Me but with a theme  (more on that eventually). The excuse? We did not have the time to see each other so this ‘forced’ us to schedule dinner dates. Sad, sad, sad 🙂

Back to the sunny chicken recipe. A very quick one which was entirely inspired by last week’s Saturday Kitchen. Surprisingly enough besides the chicken we had all the other ingredients in house. Even a jar of preserved lemons. Not sure why I bought them when I did but this recipe was good as any to use them.

Funny things preserved lemons. Somehow more bitter than fresh ones, but I do see how they work so well in this recipe. The chicken was tender, and tasted great. Perfect for a relaxed dinner at home. We served it with mash – I have to admit our pantry doesn’t stretch to quinoa. Although we will have to give it a try to see what the fuss is all about (it’s a very ‘trendy’ pulse if you ask me).

So here it is courtesy of Saturday Kitchen – recipe for the lemon and honey spatchcock chicken with quinoa and broad bean salad the perfect mash.

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