Swing’n’Cook in Brussels.

Actually there are two things I would like to tell you about: Swing’n’Cook and Groupon. Both in Brussels. Not much in common as such but interlinked.

Swing’n’Cook. Another cooking course/ class in Brussels. Some emailing, some checking of dates and 5 of us (girls power only) decided to sign up and go for Swing’n’Cook. None of us really had any idea about the place, the teacher, or really what level the course would be at. But as we are a pretty open minded crazy bunch off we went.

Florence welcomed us – bubbly and fun and somehow I felt I am back to being … 7 and in school. Blame it on the language barrier, blame it on the fact I had a busy week … but somehow I felt we have to … behave. Introductions were made to the other people in the class (a total of 10) and we started. The class? French appetizers.

If I were to stop now and ask you what do you think of when I say French appetizers … you say?

Well you might be closer to French appetizers than I was. Because everything we started cooking from that point on was a big surprise to me (on many more levels than one) and had nothing to do with what I consider French appetizers to be. To set the scene, picture this: a group of adults between 30 and 50 all gathered to cook French appetizers. And now picture this: the class started off with … boiling an egg. O-K. Then off to chopping leeks. Again, O-K. Next up? Mixing cheese with thyme. Somehow there and then some of us lost it. Next came cleaning mussels (!), mixing the hard egg yolks with mayo and thus making an egg stuffing and so on.

All in all there was very little cooking going on if you ask me, but it was not all bad. We had tons of fun. Florence is great and probably shines with children. Seriously. The class we went to was fun but in reality I took very little away from it and would not recommend it to people I know in terms of value for money. Meaning to people over the legal European drinking age of 18. I’ll explain: if I were to have children who just start to get interested in cooking this is exactly the place I would send them to. Florence has the style and patience (God, did she have patience with our non stop giggling – merci!) that would be great with kids. Plus what can go wrong when boiling an egg? And I am sure many kids will simply beam with pride when making stuffed eggs and leek soup back at home for their parents.

Now you probably wonder what does all this have to do with Groupon? That’s up next.

For more cooking courses in Brussels please check this post. Know or have been to some which are not listed? Please let me know and I will update the list.

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  • Hello! I’ve been living in Brussels for awhile now and your blog (and beer blog!) have been a tremendous resource. There’s so much information in all of your old posts – it’s fantastic. So I just wanted to say thank you for that. Also, I hope the recent uptick in posting is a trend that sticks around for awhile – it’s great! 🙂

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