20 Snobbish Dinner Must-Dos.

Before starting and to avoid being sued for plagiarism please note this is by no means my idea but that of elle belgique. published in March 2011 I found the article to be thoroughly fun to read which is why I saved it. Forgot about it. Found if tucked between flight details and Kuala Lumpur tips in my agenda. Decided it is time to attempt translation and share it with you.

The article it entitled ’40 snobisme pour diner chic’ which I guess would translate to 40 snobbish things to do for a fancy dinner party.Voila, the first 20:

  1. Le mix high et low tech – maybe doesn’t need much translation as such, but seems that bringing together high-tech kitchen gadgets together with low tech (rustic?) mortal and pestle is no. 1
  2. Le plus croquant – all about the grainy and the crunchy. Nutty vinegraittes, seeds in salads, let it all go … nuts.
  3. Les algues en enveloppement – using algae in everything and with everything.
  4. Le fumoir – now this is something I would like to own. Problem is the space. A professional smoker for fish and/or meat.
  5. Les assiettes creuses – deep bowls and dishes to display food restaurant style.
  6. Les cristaux d’huile – oil crystals. Coming in all flavors possible oil crystals seem to be the next big thing. Really?
  7. Les biochips – or otherwise called vegetable chips. I didn’t realize they are considered to be snobbish. Maybe the Airfryer suggested to make these at home might be. Beautiful though.
  8. Le home made – notice the ‘le’ in front. Other than that self-explanatory.
  9. Le world shopping – again, notice the ‘le. On a side note I wonder if it should not be considered French snobbish to keep on using English terms? Copenhagen – Noma. France – Espelette chillies. You get the idea: food visits when abroad or food shopping souvenirs. Which is something I always love doing.
  10. L’apero chic – Milan or Barcelona style aperos (aperitif) in Brussels are the latest rage. And in all fairness combined with the amazing weather we had aperos have never tasted and looked better. Soon to start again? The Aperos Urbains.
  11. Le jardin japonais – less to do with a garden (jardin) and more to do with Japanese style serving: square plates, Bento boxes, etc.
  12. Le neo-beurre – eh? Not sure that simple flavored butter is really ‘neo’ but it does make it to 12. The latest recipe I discovered is for Umami Butter delicious:days.
  13. Le petit electro pop – joining the pop colour revolution the pop colour kitchen gadgets. KitchenAid wins hands down. Although I have to say I am starting to fall in love with Bodum products. A lot.
  14. Le sirop de Liege – well … need I say more?
  15. Les sucres aromatises – there was the flavored salt revolution. Now on to flavored sugars – violet, cinnamon, rose.
  16. La nouvelle etiquette – mix and match of old and new traditions. Inherited silver cutlery with trendy new (cheap) dishes. Lace table cloth with pic-nic style dishes.
  17. La junk food chic – the new and good fast food. Trendy hamburgers (my favorite spot – Houtsiplou), bagels done NY style (my favorite place – APDM)
  18. Les perles de saveurs – I admit, I didn’t know this one. Mini gel bubbles tasting of sea, lemon juice, wine etc. A nod to molecular gastronomy perhaps?
  19. La coupe au carré – presenting food in … cubes. Kind of works, but I do wonder if it is necessary?
  20. La revanche du tapioca – classic (for some), seems snobbish and new in Belgium. Reference is made to tapioca pudding with coconut milk. One of my favorite blog recipes is over at La Tartine Gourmande.

These are the first 20.In the coming days I’ll post the remaining 20.

Do you think of them as snobbish? Or is this more a cultural thing where Belgium thinks they are snobbish? Or maybe they are not snobbish at all. What would you consider snobbish dinner ‘dos’? It would be very interesting to see if snobbish translates the same the world over.

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