20 More Snobbish Must-Dos.

Continuing the article from elle belgique with my own thoughts and additions on the 40 snobbish dinner must-dos here are the rest of 20:

  1. La moleculaire 2011 – is molecular gastronomy back? Was it ever out? We only tried it once at a cooking course – never so at home.
  2. La nouvelle ripaille – the new ‘feast’ : cooking with offal and cheaper cuts. As boudin noir is a national dish not sure this is a snobbish trend … but it is at no. 22
  3. Le fond des pots – pantry cooking for friends. Or more accurately, ‘left overs’ cooking.
  4. Le retour du bouillon – the return of stock. But not stock as we know it. This time around served as sauce in chefy dishes. and sometimes even advertised by chefs.
  5. Les confettis de legumes – vegetable confetti?!
  6. Les néo-nems – after néo-beurre (no.12) now the néo-nems. Light and easy to make nems: crab/avocado/mango. What is néo and/or snobbish about these?
  7. Les pieds nus sous la table – “In my house it’s clean enough to eat on the floor” so off go the shoes and we eat bear-feet.
  8. La granité de légumes – interesting … vegetable granitas made of cucumber juice, gaspacho, etc
  9. Les vinaigrattes hype – trendy new combinations for our summer salads (passion fruit/ ginger/ olive oil/ fleur de sel) or winter salad (pomegranate/ xeres wine vinegar).
  10. Les fils de la cremiere – going ‘local’. Getting to know you butcher (in case you wonder, Frank), your baker, your fishmonger, etc
  11. Le bon zeste – … zesting your limes, your lemons, your oranges, your grapefruits …
  12. La cuisine coréenne – the new buzz? Korean food. Which is great. What would be even better? If the resto.be website would list more than 2 Korean restaurants.
  13. Les salés – salted cupcakes.
  14. Les conserves chic – using tinned food to create great toast.
  15. Les mini-cocottes – serving food in mini plates/ mini cocottes. Not really my thing but very big on the FR ‘Un diner presque parfait‘ and NL ‘Komen Eten‘ version of Come Dine With Me.
  16. Le lard sucré – bacon with a sweet twist: drizzle maple syrup on.
  17. Le resto ou il faut réserver – I assume this is a temporary no. 37 as The Cube restaurant will close on the 3/07. However if you do want to spend a lot of money then this is your chance.
  18. L’extincteur fashion – pop colour fire extinguisher? Why not. I’ll go for the green one.
  19. La cuisine péruvienne ou sépharade – discovering and/or cooking from the Peruvian and Sephardi cuisines.
  20. Le no. 7 – the owners of Easy Tempo seem to have opened a new restaurant ‘Le Numero 7’. Something to try out soon in our quest for Brussels top 5 restaurants.

Hope you enjoyed these 40 snobbish dinner details put together by elle belgique. I am not sure they are either snobbish or have all to do with dinners, but interesting to discover some and question other.

Do you have any snobbish pet-peeves when it comes to dinners?

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