Social Dilemma

So … I am back to blogging (sort of) but then get distracted by the 101 different social media tools out there.

Twitter – I tweet. Granted I could tweet more but (annoyingly!) Brussels is not that wifi friendly yet. Instagram caught me on Twitter so I instagram as well.

Pinterest – I pin away every chance I get. Maybe too much.

Flickr – I post whenever I get the chance as it’s really one of my first social media loves.

What else is out there? Facebook – not on my top 5 list. The rest is transitory and probably explains why I am really lost in social media – Google +, Dropbox, Foodie (I am sure I must have an account), Nom, YouTube (only few foodies so far have been that brave), tumblr (I like the concept but too late …), LinkedIn (to me still more work, less blog) and so on …

This to tell you I am facing a dilemma – by the time I have browsed my RSS feed, I have tweeted a bit, uploaded some photos to Flickr, followed link after link after link from Pinterest I am too tired to blog. Socially tired so to speak.

Am I the only one?

Photo courtesy of The Conversation Prism.

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