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We are city people. Let me elaborate on that: city-city people. I love the noise, the hustle and bustle of Brussels, even the public transport. I feel good in a crowd, I like the vibe of Brussels during the week and the vibe of Brussels during the weekend. I am not sure that’s all shared hence the ‘I’ vs the ‘we’.

However … ‘we’ also love to bike. Which in this particular city is a bit tricky, if you are not the type of person who lives on the edge. All day. In case you were wondering, no, I am not the ‘danger-here-I-come’ person. So how to marry Brussels and biking? By exploring the Groene Gordel that’s how.

Now this post can go into two different directions. The political one, explaining the concept of the  ‘green belt policy and how that was picked up in Vlaanderen. Or the sporty one, taking a ride along the Groene Gordel.

Guess which I am going for?

Ever since moving to Brussels I heard people talk about the Groene Gordel – or the ‘green belt’ – of Brussels. It took some years before I actually looked it up? What is the Groene Gordel ?  100km of biking route surrounding Brussels . 100km of quaint little finds around Brussels ranging from the historic, the artsy, to the gastronomic. Castles, and gardens, and beer are all within reach of a bike route. True, it helps if city-me would be just a bit more bike-fit as the Groene Gordel is a masterpiece in up and down … but all in all a great day or weekend out. Don’t forget to pack a pic-nic as there are some beautiful places to stop at. Plus it helps to eat something before you reach the Belgian beer temptations on the way.

All you need is good weather and lots of stamina.

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