Groupon – Belgian edition

Surely everyone has by now heard or and event used Groupon. Operating the coupon system but online it makes discount shopping … acceptable and even trendy.

What do I think of Groupon? Well there is of course the good side of it. It does offer discount deals. And helped me discover some great places which otherwise might have fallen under the radar, like ‘C’est pas raisonnable!‘. An adventure around quiches and tarts started in 2007. A few tables inside, some outside on the terrace when the weather permits and … the most amazing selection of quiches and tarts. Now given that I absolutely love to make quiches I probably would have refused to spend 17 to 20 euro per quiche. But that’s where Groupon came in. With their offer of buy 1 get 1 free I brought home one delicious quiche and a gooey chocolate dream tart. Almost worth their full price! Definitely a place I will go back to.

Why I don’t like Groupon? Because of the small print. In addition to the above I also bought in to their offer for an annual subscription to Elle at half price. All paid and done I wanted impatiently for my free 1/2 price Elle magazine. Nothing. Another month. Nothing. I finally emailed Groupon and their answer was ‘I actually did pay Groupon, yes, however I had to also email Elle and confirm my Groupon voucher. Sorry, no refund.’ That is something I did not appreciate and I wonder if I was the only one who completely missed this small print.

Next up? A Groupon hammam voucher. Let’s see.

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  • Hey there, this is an interesting post considering I also use Groupon vouchers from time to time. Where I come from, (Malaysia), the concept of discount sites is very popular, hence I am quite used to seeing offers and discounts like this.

    Coming to Belgium last year made me realise what offers and fun deals I am going to miss, however, Groupon belgium has been offering interesting stuff and in a very organised manner as they classify according to the regions. I’ve bought a voucher for 40 euro to cut, wash and colour my hair, which was quite a good deal for all that, including a surprise- free coffee while I was waiting for my hair to dry.

    I’ve also been to some interesting restaurants in the neighbourhood- mostly with my parents-in-law and husband, and usually it averages to about 55 euro for the four of us. The only additional payment is for the drinks. But for all its worth- the experience and the quality of the food, I recommend Groupon Belgium too. In this respect, it is better than some of the discounts in groupon Malaysia as some of the companies give a less-worthy treatment/service to those who come in with their Groupon vouchers. Here, all customers are treated equally the same regardless of how much they paid. Or perhaps I have been lucky not to encounter the unpleasant ones -yet!

    The downside of Groupon is that we might end-up buying what we don’t need simply because it looks appealing and we ‘think’ we need it. There are also certain items that are obtainable cheaper elsewhere, but the original price is marked-up so high that they convince everyone on Groupon that it is in fact a huge discount. Consumers beware of this!

    Yes, the small prints can be dangerous, therefore, always double-check before paying!