Frites Trivia

Ah the Belgians and their fries. Truth be told, before moving to Belgium I did not really eat fries. Occasionally maybe, but by no means did I consider fries to be a gastronomic delight. Little did I know.

Meet Belgium. Hello fries!

Of course we are talking twice fried fries, first at a lower temperature, then left to cool, then fried again at higher temperature. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. But being in Belgium why stop simply at fries perfection? You have:

  • The ‘fritkot’ – usually a caravan selling fries at the street corner. Based on communes (did you read the last post?)  everyone has a favourite fritkot. Some even go the length to get to their favourite fritkot. I am pretty happy with the one we have just in front of our apartment. But I did love the one on Place Flagey, by the lakes in Ixelles.  Oh and the fritkot it’s also probably one of the very few places you see Belgian queuing … Also there is a fritkot festival going on as we speak.
  • The cone – every proper fritkot will you sell you fries in a paper cone! Just so you know.
  • The sauces – this is truly amazing. You have decided on the fries, small or large. Easy. Now comes the difficult part – which of the at least 10 sauces will you chose? Spicy – samourai. Classic – mayonnaise. Exotic – americain. And so on till you reach 10. Or simply stick to one favourite. But then again you never know what you’ll be missing out on.
  • The app – yes, there is an app you can download to find a fritkot near you. Only in Belgium!
  • The museum – yes, yes, yes. There is a fries museum.  Is it a frit? Is it art?

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