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New year, new resolutions. Or at least that’s the tradition.

This year however I made less resolutions. No particular reason. Except probably having to think through a whole list of things I would like to do, achieve, change, etc and then come December realize that really there was no need for a list in the first place.

One group resolution though was to eat out more often … and further afield. Eating out is something we do anyway, but I have to admit that we rarely go too far off. We live in what is currently a very trendy and bo-ho chique commune filled with restaurants. So eating out usually means trying another restaurant around the corner, across the street, one street down etc.

I already explained here on the blog the Brussels commune set-up. The resolution then? To eat out in a different commune every month. Or at least try to and if one month we fail we shift the ‘commune dinner’ to the next month.

Of course we’ll miss a month here and there. Of course we’ll get side tracked. Of course we’ll want to try more than 1 restaurant per commune. And so on. But the resolution is there and given that four of us signed up it should be easy to keep. Plus the perfect excuse to catch up, share some quality time together whilst trying out new places and enjoy a dinner amongst friends.

First up – alphabetically – Anderlecht!

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