El Cafe

What do you do if you have finally biked up/ or down Ixelles and suddenly feel a bit hungry but most of all thirsty? You bike past El Cafe and see the most amazing (and BIG) sangrias and say ‘Stop!’.

Which is pretty much what happened to us two weekends ago. We stopped. And although the cocktail menu was very tempting we ordered 2x the house sangria. Which is more like a fruit salad in a wine bowl – the perfect mix of fruit, wine, and quantity. Slurping away in the sun on the sangria we also took a look at the food menu. Unfortunately we were just a bit over the brunch time slot, but brunch a volonte for 15e? That is a not a bad Brussels deal. A nice mix of bar mixes – cheese, salami, nachos, wings – a bit of tex-mex, a bit of local. We finally decided to order some food and after a bit of negotiations with the waiter (he: the kitchen is closed. me: surely not given your website says cuisine non-stop. he: yes. me: … pouting face on) we went for the nachos supreme. Which consist of a big bowl of nachos, and 4 side dips: americain (also known under tartare or simply put, raw minced beef paste), tomato paste, jalapenos (oh, how I love thee jalapenos) and cheese. And yes, I know this is the tex-mex proper way, but I am still not getting used to the gooey, sickenly thick, tube squeezed cheese. But for those who like it, there is plenty of it.

What else did we notice about El Cafe? Well, a young and hip crowd, there are plenty of Mac’s and iPads around, Happy Hour between 19:00 and 21:00 (I do appreciate they offer a 2h slot … as the cocktail list looked really good), and there seems to be a party going on almost every other day.

Anyone else tried the El Cafe way?

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