Very Belgian – Matt Tarts

matt tart

I have to confess – when at college (university) I indulged myself with a mattentaartje every week. In my defense, all I can say calories did not count back then! On to present times and it’s a different story all together. I still love the mattentaartjes. But I also understand much more the effect cheesy goodness can have on me. So occasionally I will … share one.

Matt Tarts are typical to Geerardsbergen, in the east of Flanders. What are they? A delicious mix of sugar, buttermilk, almonds and eggs Flanders has enjoyed ever since the 1500. All shaken up and put into puff pastry. Although I have never actually attempted to make any, the instructions seem to be straight forward. Then again there is only a week (ly market) and 1.80e between me and mattentaartje heaven so not sure I will be making Matt Tarts anytime soon. There is also the risk that once I have made a batch they won’t make it past the evening / weekend. Which in return will only cause a guilt full Monday start which is never good … So I will stay with my occasional half. But if you have not tried them go for a full, fluffy Matt Tart. Enjoy and never look back!


Why you wonder, would they make it onto our list of Very Important Belgians (VIB)? Well, here is the master quiz question – what do Corsican Honey, Anglesey Sea Salt and the Matt Tart have in common? Going once, going twice … they are all traditional specialties labeled as protected designation of origin (PDO). There you go, now you know another (pointless?) foodie Belgian fact.

And if you really want to go nuts planning your next foodie holiday, the DOOR database of the European Commission offers an amazing insight into … foodie must tries 🙂

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