I am not exaggerating when I say that last week I wore pretty much this – jeans, T-shit, pull-over, a jacket just in case, scarf and an umbrella.  And today in shorts, T-shirt and sun-glasses I am probably overdressed.

Brussels temperatures suddenly hit their 30s and it seems the sunny weather is here to stay. Some optimists talk of close to 40 degrees C … so here is hoping. Yes, I am a SUN SUN SUN type of girl. There can never be too much sun if you ask me. But knowing that this might not last (we are still in Belgium!) means only one thing – make the most of the present.  Sun hat on. BBQ fired up.

With the meat left to the men here is a quick recipe for a twist on chimichurri [from Argentina with love]. All you need is a lot of parsley, garlic, chilies and olive oil. I kept the whole colour theme green but I am sure red chilies would work well as well. The heat is a matter of personal preference – I probably went one chili too far as the sauce was spicy (wow!). But delicious and refreshing on grilled meat. 


… for those of you Brussels based (and in addition to a BBQ), other things to do in the sun:

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