Very Belgian – Godiva Chocolate


I say – Belgium.

You say? Chocolate! (well … or beer but let’s focus on the chocolate for now …)

Funny enough I never actually wrote a blog post about what makes Belgium famously delicious. And chocolate is one of my specialties. Read = I like to taste and try and ultimately eat Belgian chocolate. In the land of chocolate there is no shortage thereof. Chocolate houses are many and depending on tastes, likes and budget there is something for everyone. Special occasion? Check. Spontaneous indulgence? Check. Sweet curiosity? Check.

I could list a whole page worth of chocolate houses (and I just might one day …) but for now let me with you a box of Godiva truffles. Godiva is going strong as a Belgian chocolate house since the 1920s, although changing owners since Pierre Draps and now in Turkish corporate hands. Yet it still represents all that is great about Belgian chocolate. Deliciousness packaged beautifully.    

Named after Lady Godiva, the chocolate house started selling chocolates (pralines) and then further expanded into truffles, coffee, icecream, etc.  My favorites – although who am I kidding? I pretty much like their whole range! – are the pralines and the truffles. The challenge is that on my home – work – home route I pass a very strategically placed Godiva shop. Which makes resistance futile! The ever changing seasonal display of their Godiva products doesn’t help much either as that always means I have an excuse to buy a gift (one for me, one for you, etc).

Godiva truffles are literally a sin with every bite. I am not kidding. You know that feeling of eating something that is so good it feels wrong? Well, Godiva truffles taste like. The Godiva Truffes Legendaires I am eating my way through ‘truffles spans’ from the 1946 to 2013. Confused? Let me explain. There is the 1946 original truffe Draps, simple and blunt chocolate goodness. The 1950 tuffe Draps praline. The 1966 explorer truffe created especially for the first Godiva shop in New York. The 1999 truffe Matilde keeping with the Belgian tradition of royal wedding, royal chocolate. The 2009 dark intense – and my favorite deep rich truffe. And finally the 2013 black pearl truffe made with cacao from Peru. 

… before I take a bite from another truffle … in case you ever wondered why the name? Because when created, chocolate masters thought this new chocolate looks very similar to the dark (mushroom) truffles. Now over to you, which is your favorite Belgian chocolate house? 

Godiva : several locations throughout the world. 

Thank you to Sparkies for this delicious box of Godiva truffles. 

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