A is for Auderghem – Commune Dinners in Brussels


End of service at Le Briefing in Auderghem – Brussels

Although it might not seem like it, our foodie commune discoveries continue. We are now struggling to find a dinner date for the letter E … In the meantime however, let me share with you our experience in the second A commune – Auderghem.

When I first arrived to start my studies in Brussels I used to live in Auderghem. Part nostalgia, part curiosity to see how the commune has changed I enjoyed  re-discovering Auderghem as an adult. And what better way to discover it than through our commune dinners? 

Commune facts – Auderghem  

As usual with our commune dinners we enjoyed discovering a few facts about Auderghem. In no particular order …

  • 1863 Auderghem and its 1600 inhabitants becomes an independent settling under the mayor-ship of Henri de Brouckere (yes, the same one as the metro stop and the boulevard) 
  • site to some beautiful historic places such as the Red Cloister, the abbey of Saint Anne, the castle of Saint Anne, the castle of the 3 Fountains etc 
  • home to backbone working tradition such as the ‘wassers’ or blanchissuers (the washers) with the rue de la Vignette counting more than 20 washers in the 1930s 

Culinary discovery – Le Briefing 

Dining out on a budget all those years ago, I didn’t really discover much beyond some local Italian and Indian restaurants. Then again my salad of smoked salmon, pasta and feta was famous, so why go out? 

How times have changed!

Auderghem has a wide range of restaurants and several are worth a trip back to this southern commune.  We opted for Le Briefing Upon entering you would think you are somewhere close to Jeu de Balle. The restaurant is a bric-a-brac of everything possible under the sun. Collectors gone nuts! So word of warning – if you are looking for a chic restaurant this place will probably be a disappointment. Because everywhere there is potentially something that could fall over.   

We loved it. Buzzing full of locals (and 4 ‘tourist’) the Le Briefing was a delight for all senses. We enjoyed looking around discovering the unique décor and loved the food. Our combined orders included carpaccio of scallops (St Jaques), grey shrimp croquettes and a warm goat’s cheese salad. The mains included honey lamb ribs and meatballs with endives (the restaurant’s specialty). The food, very fitting with the decor and the people was not sophisticated, but delicious!  We enjoyed a long evening of chats and laughs and good food and all in all if Le Briefing set itself to offer that – it succeeds. I plan to go back in tete-a-tete if only for the delicious lamb ribs … 

Le Briefing – website 

Please share other Auderghem restaurant suggestions in the comments 

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