Blogging Events 2014


Food blogging is a business. Some food bloggers have gone from hobby cooks to professional chefs with their own TV shows. Other have published their own books. PR companies use blogs as an extension to promote their products. Restaurants pre-open to bloggers and eagerly await their reviews. Other bloggers have opened their own pop-up restaurants.

Blogging has become a ‘profession’. Bloggers are influential. Bloggers are trendsetters.

And bringing both worlds together – plus the whole ‘industry’ around blogging – are … ‘fairs’. Similar to the ‘professional’ industry, the blogging world has its own share of  events and get-togethers. With some interesting and ‘local’ European ones coming up next year I thought it might be interesting to share and hear your views – have you been to a blogging event? What did you like best about the event? What did you get from the event for your blog?

Do you know of any other European blogging events coming up which might be interesting for food / lifestyle/ travel bloggers? Are you planning to attend a blogging event – and if so which?

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  • Oh, I so hoped that you would write on some event in Brussels 🙂

  • thanks for the reminder!! I just booked my *meet the blogger cafe* tickets for January 2014, so will see you there 🙂
    I am still debating the *food blogger connect* tickets for June in London…. ha hum…

    • that is so great! maybe we try going together and discover Rotterdam over lunch before the cafe starts?! 🙂 London will be massive I am sure of it – worth the experience but true a bit far in advnace …

      • I just bit the bullet and bought tickets for the London one now as well – with a new blogger friend

        But loving your lunch pre-meet for Rotterdam!!!!

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