Christmas Countdown – Gift Guide #2 – The Pa-Pa-Party Queen

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I am a party girl at heart. I love entertaining, hosting cocktail parties, brunches, dinners, you name it. The more the merrier and Christmas is no different. My only problem? There are not enough hours in a day / week/ month / year … 

Should I be as bold and call this my own Christmas wish list? It would not be totally true 🙂 I already have some of the entertaining ‘gifts’ below, which I cherish and I hope you will like them too.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

1.  Sparkling (flat) shoes. Need I say more? //

2. You know that feeling when you have finally agreed on a date, the guests are all ready to party … and you have no idea what to cook? Worse, you forget what you cooked the same’ish people last time. And do you really want to serve the same thing twice? Meet the entertaining journal. Corny as it sounds I keep one and it helps at least give  that extra creativity boost I sometime lack (the tried and tested recipes always seem to win …) //

3. I love glass. And crystal. And shiny things. Actually, I love drinking (whatever) in the right glass.  It might be over rated, it might be old fashioned, too Mad Men … whatever! I prefer red in a big fat glass and cognac in a tumbler. Do I miss any entertaining glasses? Probably not. But martini glasses would make Christmas ever so stylish. And talking of, you can always opt for the cult cookbook.//

4. Every party queen has her tricks. Call them foodie accessories. I so happen to have fallen in love with … napkins! Which come out every occasion I have. Sparkly, themed, colourful, retro, nordic … you name it.//

5. Music. Easy as it sounds music is one of the most difficult things to get right at parties. From classical to funk, music makes or breaks a party. What I would suggest as a gift? Something that you like listening to. Or go for a ‘mixed tape’ (see? I am a child of the 80s)//

6. Herbs! Honestly something I love giving and receiving are beautifully colour-coordinated … herbs. They take every dish from great to wow! and make also a fantastic gift. I usually buy mine combined pot+herb from Dille & Kamille. //

7. A beautiful serving plate. Or a bowl. Or something useful-decorative. One thing I have learned – I love receiving gifts. And if I can also put them to good use even more! It reminds me of the person who gave them to me, I can show the gift off, win-win.//

8. A (breakfast) hamper basket. Trust me, after a night of partying the party bee will be forever grateful for a proper no fuss breakfast – all ready. And a Bloody Mary. I’d say this is the perfect crafty (home-made) gift but if in need of inspiration, these should help.//

9. Don’t buy any gimmicky gifts! I mean the salt and pepper shaped like two dolphins? Or the cocktail shaker shaped like a penguin? Don’t go there.// 

10. … and if everything else fails, every party queen will love this! No wonder it sold out 🙂 

I would love to hear what you plan on buying for the pa-pa-party girl in your life … in the comments, or on Twitter @onfoodandwine or FB/onfoodandwine. And if you are lacking any party inspiration, there is a ton over at Pinterest

Merry pre-Christmas

(photo credit to the different product websites)

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