No 2014 Resolutions

Austria 2013 @onfoodandwine

This year started with a bang. Literally! I fell skiing so sitting down, writing this first 2014 post is pure painful commitment! A slow start you could call it. Although a good start because if you are to fall somewhere, snow is probably best.

So what will 2014 not bring?

A detox – retox debate.
A maybe I should-start-using-face-cream approach.
A different blog design.
A few monthly posts on what not to do in Brussels.
A random ket-chup series.
A few more commune dinners.
A more active blog posting.
A more inst-approach to food photos.
A couple of blog events.

And so much more which will not happen as I don’t have any 2014 resolutions. Ha! Living on the edge you might call it. I call it life as it randomly happens. 

Here’s to a bumpy start and a fabulous 2014! 

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