What's Your Oil?

Vandemoortele #Belgian Oil by @onfoodandwine

This being a food blog and all I thought it might be high time to bring a recipe back. As on – off readers of this blog you will know our love of oil. It is one of the main ingredients we bring back from holidays and our cooking pretty much relies on oil. Granted, mostly it is in the form of olive oil.

This is why discovering local Belgian oil was a challenge we gladly accepted. I never paid attention to the local market of oil which in itself is going against our cooking spirit – local is best. We thus made two great discoveries. Simple, golden, pure sunflower oil and delicious rapeseed oil. Incidentally the latter seems to be the latest craze in terms of health-oil.

Our primary association with Belgian (oil) was … naturally … frying oil. But given a chance the local Belgian oils can actually make great salad dressings and go perfectly with a range of foods. The Belgian brand we went for was Vandemoortele – which seems to be a Belgian classic! – but I would be very interested to discover other local brands as well. I have to say we never really paid attention to the brands we were buying from the supermarket as our non-olive-oil consumption is was very limited. Tasting the difference has definitely given us the necessary push to go for the golden variety a bit more often.

My favourite salad dressing: shake lemon juice, mustard (preferably hot Dijon), salt and rapeseed oil until you get a creamy dressing. Drizzle generously. Enjoy! 

Do you use Belgian oil and if so which one? 

Thank you Marie from Walkie Talkie for introducing us to a different Vandemoortele oil world. 

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