Le Dillens

With dry’ish January over, our love affairs of brunching our way through Brussels continues.  There seems to be an increase of brunch places in Brussels which is great for choice, bad for time and … waistline.

Le Dillens is a newly re-furbished bar in Saint Gilles. What was previously a local Belgian bar has become a local, trendy bar with a cool vibe about it. Brunch at Le Dillens was just a matter of time. In two steps.

Brunch in Brussels at Le Dillens by @onfoodandwine

Step 1 – brunch with a vegetarian and gluten intolerant friend. There Le Dillens failed a bit. We tried and asked for all choices available but the brunch food was pre-cooked (although I am sure the waitress must have meant pre-prepared) and there was little knowledge of what goes into the vegetarian brunch (flour amongst other). I am always surprised that Brussels is still lagging a bit behind the trend of catering allergy-friendly food. I am generalizing but you get my drift …

Setp 2 – brunch a deux. Granted we are not vegetarian nor suffering from any (know) allergies so it was easier to choose our brunch. Le Dillens offers 3 types of brunches – cocotte, vegetarian and English all at 10e each. I went for the cocotte, Mark … being English … guess? … for the English. My brunch was great although the egg en cocotte too hot. Burning my tongue at the first bite made the rest a bit more difficult to savour but I can appreciate a simple and great brunch plate when I see one. Cheese, ham, and delicious bread. Mark’s English, a different story. First of all I think we can all agree that a bit of scrambled eggs, a sausage and a soup of beans an English breakfast does not make. Although tasty, the beans overpowered the rest so the verdict was more tomato-bean-soup than English breakfast.

The couple next to us was having the vegetarian brunch, which looked very tasty. And the sweet brunch – pancakes oozing with maple syrup – looked delicious. A bit difficult to justify after the full brunch so next time that’s going to be my first choice.

The brunch does not include juice or coffee so we ordered those extra. There is a healthy choice of fresh juices which is nice to see. All in all our bill came to 30e. I pretty much got used to this price for Brussels brunches … what do you think? Fair or overpriced? 

Noteworthy about Le Dillens? They have some great DJs playing Monday, Friday and Saturday. Their wine come from Titulus. And they have free wi-fi. Definitely a great local to have. 

Le Dillens – 11 Place Julien Dillens, 1060 Brussels 

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