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Timmermans Brewery Visit by @onfoodandwine

What better way to spend a Saturday evening than tasting Belgian beer at the Timmermans Brewery?

We saw how beers were brewed back in the 1800 and how much that has changed up to today.

Obviously a brewery visit is not complete without an occasional beer tasting stop – here the Martin’s IPA.

What about me? I asked and was served a journey through the Timmermans Krieks. From the left – the Timmermans Kriek Lambicus, the Timmermans Kriek Retro Lambicus and to finish the Timmermans Oude Kriek Lambicus. the tasting happened from right to left and the Oude Kriek was (is) my favourite.

We continued the visit amongst old cars.

And of course the unmistakable old publicity announcements of Belgian beers, many which no longer exist.

Lots of beer was drunk but fear not we were not tasting on an empty stomach as Keep on Toasting … kept toasting (sorry, it is the best that I could come up with!) and we were treated to a delicious range of gourmet croques – the Croq’ Veggie,  the Croq’ Vert (probably my favourite one), the Croq’ at the Sea (probably my least favourite one) and the Croq’ Scottish.

Fellow beer tasters included Belgian bloggers from near and far, English, French and Dutch alike. So why not visit their blogs to see the Timmermans impressions?

Thanks to John Martin’s for organizing this delicious tasting. 

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