Brussels Food Friends at The Hotel

Brussels Food Friends @onfoodandwine

A while ago (although it does seem like yesterday!) like-minded foodies met in Brussels for the first Brussels Food Friends (BxlFF) get together.

The concept behind BxFF was drawn up by 5 foodie bloggers on the way to and back from Rotterdam – Maxine from Why I am Not Skinny, Annie from Montogomery Fest, Michelle from Very Hungry Explorer, patron saint Alison from CheeseWeb and yours truly. Why can Brussels not have a meeting place for foodie (and not only) bloggers to get together, share their love of food, swap addresses of places to eat and photograph food without feeling awkward?! Well this is how BxlFF was born. 

Back in Brussels we got planning and with the kind support of The Hotel the first BxlFF took place. Another 20 plus bloggers joined us and we didn’t see the hours fly by. 

#BxlFF @TheHotelBxl @onfoodandwine

We tasted cube cakes recently launched by Patissier Claudio Renzi.

We talked about food.

We talked about our blogs.

We made plans to meet and discover culinary Brussels. 

The cube cakes deserve a post entirely for their own … but we all know I will never get around to that. So in no particular order we tasted cubes cakes as colourful as the rainbow. Red = yoghurt with raspberry, Green = pistachio with strawberry, Orange = chocolate with orange, White = vanilla with green apple and white chocolate, Yellow = passion fruit with mango and white chocolate, Purple = blackberry with lemon and dark chocolate

My particular favourite ones? The orange and the white ones. The others are a bit of a blur due to the sugar overdose. But I do remember going back for seconds.  

#BxlFF @TheHotelBxl @onfoodandwine

With the cake tasting in full swing we also got our brains to work a bit (balancing out the bellies) and listened to Alison talk about her blogging path – where it all started, the good and bad, and tips on how we as bloggers, can grow doing what we are passionate about.  

It was great to meet bloggers I have been following and make the transition from the Twitter or FB pseudo to real names. As food doesn’t know any borders we spoke Italian, we spoke French, we spoke English. We laughed and ate more cake.

I met some fantastic people!

And I am already looking forward to our second BxlFF on the 21st June. I think I am just about ready for more cake now …

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