Sporadic as we might blog … our love for brunch still does come through. With so many things going on, autumn coming fast, changes around the corner (more on that soon …) I am not even sure brunch is still ‘in’. Never mind all that, I still love a good old fashioned brunch in Brussels.

I have been to JAT Cafe many times over. Yet I never got around to:

  1. take photos
  2. write about it

Setting this to right now, my tiny review on our latest brunch at JAT Cafe. More of a lunch/ brunch but you get the picture.

JAT Cafe is located on Rue de Namur, a street I absolutely love connecting upper town Brussels to centre Brussels. The Cafe opened sometimes last year, and takes its name from the original Brussels word for ‘mug’ (jat). The restaurant/ cafe is bright, spacious, and sporting a certain vintage look so familiar by now – wooden bar, geometric 70s wallpaper, mismatched chairs and wooden tables.

JAT Cafe - Brussels brunch review by @onfoodandwine

When last there I had the NY ultimate pastrami bagel, an iced coffee flavoured with gingerbread (although disappointed they had run out of the chai iced coffee…) and more … coffee. I would have loved to have a slice of cake as their cakes do look amazing but reason won over gluttony. Next time though I won’t be this restraint and indulge in either one their brownies or cheesecake.

The piece de resistance of JAT? There are very few cafes on Rue de Namur so inevitably the place is full. Lunch, brunch, surfing, press reading mix of people from hipsters to suits during the week, shoppers to new mums and babies, friends at weekends.

JAT Cafe - Brussels brunch review by @onfoodandwine

Brunch at JAT Cafe comes to 15e. Bagels priced around 10e. Iced coffees around 4.50e (which I find a touch expensive …)

Have you been? What did you think?


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