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No, this is not going to be a geo-political post on world water resources. More a rant about the quality of water in Belgium (Brussels) and how we get around it. 

I love water. Yes, I am one of those people who actually can taste the difference in water and I like drinking water. Ideally ice-cold, fresh, and from the source. With Spa in Belgium I thought that water here would be crisp, clean, and tasty. Wrong! Water in Belgium is hard. It is luke warm. It is chalky. Yes, obviously it is safe to drink from the tap but really … where is the taste? 

So like every other Belgian we started looking into alternatives to make the tap water more … drinkable. We looked at installing an industrial style filter. We looked at installing a kitchen filter. We opted for a simple solution to use Brita filter. Nothing new here, as many use Brita filters. However the funky side of Brita? Is that our filter, from the Brita Navelia range is colour coordinated with our kitchen. Funky? Yes. Colourful? Yes. Makes water more drinkable? Yes. And on top of this our filter also came with 2 matching glasses which make water drinking just a bit more enjoyable.

What water drinking solution did you go for in Belgium?  Do you use a Brita filter? 

Thank you Liselore from Meet the Blogger for introducing us to the Brita Navelia range. 

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