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Complete madness. And the best ribs in Brussels. With a bit of 2014 update … 

The story so far
This particular part of Brussels is known for its Asian shops (THE Asian supermarket can be found here), as well as Asian restaurants. Which explain why passing by a restaurant in this area claiming to serve the ‘best ribs’ in town is little short of surprising. Intrigued, we never went to
Amadeo, but promised we’ll eventually have to give it a try. And we did. Last night.

First impressions
Madness. Complete and utter madness. The entrance to the restaurant resembles a western country style bar, all wooden chairs and table, ribs highlighted by a neon sign above the entrance. Going in, shock: massive (I am talking giant!) Buddha statues on one wall, a full library (?) on the other and in the background, of all possible alternatives … French chansons (a la Edith Piaf). Where is what? But the restaurant is full and although I have just discovered it am sure a classic hit with many tourists. (You can read more on the history / chain Amadeus, on their website).

The food
The neon sign kind of suggests that already: ribs. And meat. And more meat. Vegetarians, what can I say? Simply look away. This is no place to take the faint hearted meat eater. (Oh, right, there are some shrimps on offer as well … )

After sitting down and waiting for our menus, obviously being so new to the place, we were pointed in the ‘direction’ of the menu. A long bar shows all the possible options, which are meat, meat and meat. The food consists of BBQ food, served (very cool this!) on simple white plates long wooden chopping boards, with a jacket potato and just enough lettuce to kind of justify your greens for the evening.

I opted for ‘ribs a volonte’ (as much as you can eat ribs), and my other half for the ‘BBQ variety’. The ribs? Delicious, sticky enough to make a mess, and more than enough for one person without going for the ‘a volonte’ option. I doubt there is any need to talk about the potato or the greens, as they were a little on the ignored side. While waiting I also had the chance to take it all in and I have to admit the place has as much character as it has meat. It smells like one giant BBQ, but as long as you know you are in for meat you’re fine.

Oh, something else which goes against the usual norms: the wine. There is of course a decent choice of Belgian beers available, but the wine ‘system’ is simply great. After asking for some wine, we got no more, no less than a 1.5l bottle (!!!) brought to our table. The wine is measured by the meter (well, more by the cm). You serve yourself, and you pay what you drink. I am still intrigued on how exactly they measure (weigh) your consumption, but I couldn’t find out.

The prices: 14.50 16.50euro for the ribs which is pretty much what everyone eat in Amadeo. Wine for whatever much/ little we had 9euro.

Service with a smile
Well the place is already odd, so the waiters (very uncommon) address you with ‘tu’ instead of ‘vous’ (you … instead of ‘polite’ you) but you get used to that. And they are so speedy at first I was dizzy looking out for one but you get used to that too.

The verdict
Difficult to say. Would I go back? Definitely. But only to take friends, family to experience Amadeo – as the place really only serves meat and I do like to have options. But for a night out (perfect big group kind of place!) it’s a great, odd, alternative to the more classic down town restaurants.

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