Paris Part I – Lunch

Paris lunches. If you are to have a proper 3 course lunch, then Paris is your city. 

Last time we went to Paris we didn’t really have a ‘plan’. We decided to take every day as it comes, and explore parts of Paris we didn’t know yet. With our metro travel cards and Paris maps ready, we started discovering more of Paris. The focus was not entirely on food … but food and wine is so French that it was difficult to ignore it. And two hungry travellers have to occasionally stop and eat.

Oh boy did we eat!

Our first lunch was at la Cave de l’Os a Moelle, a little restaurant/ cave lost somewhere in the 15th arrondissement. The concept is that of a table d’hote – communal tables, shared by all diners. So if sitting next to strangers and making awkward conversation over lunch is not your thing, you might not enjoy la Cave de l’Os a Moelle.

#Paris Lunch spots by @onfoodandwine

After saying our bonjours, we got introduced to the non-menu. All you can eat buffet! The tables are crowded with different sized pots filled with food – rilletes, charcuteries, patés, salads, eggs, terrines, you name it. There was also warm food. And in a corner I spotted at least 7 different cheeses and a never-ending dessert board.

Where to start?    

After all the pots were put in front of us we simply started with a bit of everything. And then went for seconds for the dishes we enjoyed most. And thirds … if I am perfectly honest. 

We had bread and butter. We had smooth wines – after all don’t forget la Cave de l’Os a Moelle is a ‘cave’ = wine bar – and then we had more food.

Paris lunch spots by @onfoodandwine
yes, that is a LOT of butter

I am not joking when I am saying we could not move at the end of the cold and warm courses. But … there was cheese and desert to be eaten. So after a final effort we also managed to have that with a bit more wine.

The whole lunch took probably anywhere between 2 and 3h. At the end of the lunch we could barely move so we sort of rolled out of the restaurant and made our way … slowly … back to central Paris.

Worth it? Very much so. Would we go again? Probably if we would live in Paris, yes. Being the eternal tourists we will probably try other lunch places next time. 

#Paris lunch spots by @onfoodandwine

La Cave de l’Os à Moelle – 181, rue de Lourmel 75015 Paris France

Other lunch places we tried out in Paris which are worth a taste trip:

Terroir Parisien, Palais Brogniart, 75002 PARIS. They also have a rilletes bar starting at 18:30. Hello! 

La Boulangerie, 15, rue des Panoyaux. 75020 PARIS. The classic French lunch menu starter+main or main+dessert – familiar and delicious. 

– Le Floreal, 73 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75010 PARIS. The restaurant is copying an American diner – sort of. Fantastic burgers (yes, very non-French of us!) and a great stop for brunch. 

This is part 1 of 3 on Paris impressions: lunches, drinks and dinners.

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