Paris Part 2 – Apero

apero time in Paris by @onfoodandwine


The title of this blog says it all – on food and wine. Which almost makes it compulsory for us to go and have a glass of wine. 

I love apero time. It is that time of the day when we hustle and bustles quiets down just a bit … but the buzz of going out for dinner has not started yet. True, I have been known to merge my apero into dinner time, but that doesn’t mean apero is not a great way to start the evening.

Being in Paris during fashion week (yes, yes, yes) we headed to Cafe de Flore. Not to spot any fashion celebrities as such (although we did!) but to try this Paris institution. Cafe de Flore is in the Paris DNA. Did we like? Yes for the atmosphere and people watching. Prices are ridiculously high – even for Paris – but given the history and tardition of Cafe de Flore a stop, a glass of wine, a photo is a must. 

Cafe de Flore, 172 Bldv Saint-Germain, 75006 PARIS

Other apero stops along the way during our stay in Paris:

– Terra Corsa, 42 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 PARIS. As the name says it, this little shop/ bar specializes in Corsican food and drinks. There are 3 little tables inside the actual shop and another 4-5 outside. Between regulars buying their food and wine, we had an assiette charcuterie (platter of cold meats) and Corsican wine, taking it all in. 

– Le Baron Rouge, 1 Rue Theophile Roussel, 75012 PARIS. We always seem to end up somehow at Le Baron Rouge. 

And for next time a very handy bar map of Paris. 


This is part 2 of 3 on Paris impressions: lunches, drinks and dinners.

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