Lists, lists and more lists

#baby lists @onfoodandwine

Right. So this is what has been keeping me busy for the last … well … months! Making endless lists. From what to buy to where to register for child allowance. Oh, the Belgian administration! 

Anyway while the blog might suffer from ups and downs time wise, I will try to slowly share also some of the lists and the detective work we have been undertaking to get to the finish line with our sanity intact! All in all the information is of course available to all. but where to find it? That seems to always be the question. 

So before the sleepless nights start and the blog will seem a distant relaxing memory I will try to get what little energy I have left and share with you our ‘Baby Brussels’ stories. Of course, the blog remaining a food and wine and restaurants blog (oh … that glass of wine …!) but with a little touch bebe 🙂

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