Looks like 2015 started already as while back … not that we missed it completely but our days and nights tend to be a bit blurry and inverted.

Before I kick back into blog action, I have been nominated a while back for a Liebster award by Caroline from A Mother in the City blog. So taking the easy road to blog post #1 from 2015 … here are her questions and my answers, mixing French and English:

  1. Quel est ton idéal féminin? Hard to say. For years it was Audrey Hepburn. I am more Meryl Streep these days.
  2. Ce qui a le don de t’énerver? Bad table manners. Seriously, can’t stand them.
  3. Ton plus beau voyage? Probably Brazil. Or Malaysia? Or was it Italy?
  4. Plutôt appart’ en ville, maison à la campagne ou entre les deux? Each have their charm and I love city vacations (hello Berlin!) as much as I love the country side (hello Tuscany!)
  5. Quelle est l’expression que tu emploies le plus? These days … ‘I am energy-less!’
  6. La chose que tu changerais chez toi si c’était en ton pouvoir? For the moment I am tormented by post preganacy weight, otherwise I would probably change my way of getting too intense sometimes.
  7. Ecrivain culte? Hands down, Paul Auster.
  8. La dernière fois que tu as prononcé un gros mot? Not too long ago …
  9. Ton dernier fou rire? This morning, when I heard my son giggle for the first time.
  10. Ton achat le plus déraisonnable? A huge mirror, which we had to collect from Ostend, which I didn’t measure, which did not fit in the car, which we have to pick up after renting a car in Brussels and driving back to Ostend … .
  11. Que fais-tu, toi, dans les embout’s? Podcasts. My latest craze.

This was fun!

As much as I would love to I am not going to nominate anyone further as I have to dash really (someone tiny needs me in the other room) but I will be back to regular posting soon. It promises to be a year filled with food (and baby food), discoveries of sorts and a dash of dazzle.

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