The choice of brunch cafes (restaurants?) in Brussels doesn’t cease to amaze me. Brussels has become a brunch mecca. And why not? Cosmopolitan as the city is there is a constant flow of late risers (us included) who love to have a late breakfast which goes into lunch and why not event stay for a pre-dinner drink?

On my baby outings (yes, yes, times have changed) I came across Prelude. The cafe has been reviewed on plenty blogs as it is open for a while now and attracts the compulsory hipster/ artsy Saint Gilles crowd. 

The overall look is chaby chic modern. The lampshades you see in the photo come from Hopop Studio, an upcycling Belgian start-up. The wooden bar by Geraldine Calbert. At the back of the restaurant comfy cushions and more wooden tables make the place look almost Nordic. On my late morning stop the place was in between the morning crowd finsihing their breakfast and the late crowd arriving for brunch. 

brunch with baby @ Prelude in Brussels - review by @onfoodandwine

I stopped for coffee and croissants. 

Lunch time promises bento boxes inspired by Nanshi in Paris. Evenings, if the weather is nice can be spent people watching on the cobble pavement in front of the restaurant, enjoying aperos.  Desserts are made by Made by Bake which bring an American touch to the sweet side of Prelude. And bonus point, the bread comes from Charlie bakery. 

Overall impressions? A bit on the expensive side but the food does look great. Wi-fi? Yes. Baby friendly? On the terrace only as the inside gets very crammed. Service? Efficient but probably due to the upcoming lunch service a bit stressed out … Which makes a great excuse to go back and try their bento concept. 

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