Workshop Cafe

Brunches have become something of a thing in Brussels. Everywhere you look there is another cafe or restaurant offering weekend brunch deals. Which I love. The best of breakfast with a lazy twist? What is not to love? And the fact that brunches are offered until almost 16:00 makes them even more appealing. 

Last place we stopped for brunch with a pram (yes … it has become a criteria for our brunch escapades …) was the Workshop Cafe. We stopped at their Ave Louise address, which is a bit more spacious … thus pram friendly … than their Porte de Namur branch. The cafe is airy, busy, there are food fridges but you can also order food cooked on the spot in the cafe’s kitchen.

Brunch at After Work in Brussels by @onfoodandwine

The choices range from sandwiches, to bagels, to cookies and cheesecakes. And I absolutely loved their extensive coffee offer. Don’t think too much outside the box. The Workshop Cafe is very much ‘in the box’ of current trendy but reliable cafes. Classics are well represented and there is something for young and old, fussy or not.  

I guess to be fully complete in our review we would have to go again one day and try to be a bit more daring … go off menu, try some cakes, drink some more coffee. But for now, all I can say is that the Workshop Cafe offers what it promises – good food at reasonable prices. Add to the mix free wi-fi and enough tables and chairs to comfortably sit guests and you have a winning combo. All in the heart of the busy Ave. Louise district. 

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