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Many blog posts have been written about Pistolet Original. So many in fact it was I wondered if there was a food blogger left who didn’t go to Pistolet Original? Well … yes. Me. I only managed to go there recently. For the first time. Al though I passed by this small corner restaurant many times on my way to and from Sablon I never actually went it.

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Until a sunny afternoon when the baby finally fell asleep in the pram and I realized … I am hungry. So we stopped in a fairly empty restaurant, recovering from the lunch rush. I installed myself fat one of the long communal tables and inspected the menu. The main offer as the name suggests are … pistolets. For those not familiar with the Belgian food culture, pistolets are mini fluffy white flour bread buns with a very dry and crunchy crust. Sold in every bakery they are somewhat of a food heritage. 

Pistolet Original builds on this heritage. The menu is exclusively built around the crunchy breads … with a range of delicious fillings.  

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On my visit I craved something meaty … and raw (post pregnancy cravings, where I had to stay away from raw food. The carnivore in me is awake again!). Unfortunately after the lunch rush they were out of classic Americain (raw minced beef meat) so I ordered the original minced pickles combo. Together with a pistolet of roast beef and celery salad. Both delicious! Only drawback? With two-three bites the pistolet is done. I assume their principle follows the tapas logic – one should order several pistolets to enjoy a variety of flavours as well as be full. At an average of 5e per bread roll this can be quite pricey though.

Nevertheless. The novelty factor is there. The food is fresh and delicious. The pistolets true to their heritage. Definitely a cozy restaurant worth a short stop for lunch or pre drinks. And to add a bit of summer spirit to my blog post …. Pistolet Original opens today a summer pop up restaurant on the Belgian coast, in Nieuwpoort. Enjoy! 

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