Summer Hiatus

Summer Hiatus

Summer came and went. Holidays are over … at least for a while … so here I am, back to take on the backlog and give this blog a kick. Taking a short digital hiatus was inspirational, because once you start talking in # there is something fundamentally wrong. And people start looking weird at you.

Where were we before the summer? Visiting some new and not so new places in Brussels, trying some delicious wine, cooking baking (very in tune with the current Great British Bake Off craze), and adjusting our social life to include a baby. Whose social interests are just a tiny bit different than ours.

In no particular order … coming up on the blog: Peck 47 where I shared a great brunch with two friends, catching up on lifes ups and downs. A quick working lunch at Knees to Chin. And yes, I realize the whole blogosphere already went there … but there you go, better late than never 🙂

A date night out and a delicious Thai dinner. Discovering a wealth of supermarket wines (yes, supermarket wines!). Collaborating with Fans of Flanders and more recently the culture trip. Getting back with the Brussels Food Friends gang. Starting our commune dinners again.

Here is to a plentiful autumn full of delicious news. Let me know what you would like to read about on the blog, and don’t forget – for more up to date news you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I would say Instagram as well … but there I have to first recover my now broken iPhone …

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