Cafe de la Presse

A bit of Brussels sunshine and all we can think of is where to go and sit outside on a street side terrace? It so happened we were around the corner from Uccle / Louise so we stopped at the Cafe de la Presse. A bit of Berlin, a bit of New York, a bit of hip Brussels, the cafe filled up as the time passed by. 

Cafe de la Presse (7)-001

Trendy, yes. Hipster, yes. Meeting expectations, yes. I am the first to say I love these kind of cafes … but also the first to say it starts feeling just a bit like ‘deja-vu’. Bagels and carrot cake, Tao drinks and lattes, newspapers and wi-fi. Even the crowd seems to be a bit of the same trendy, cropped tops, tatoos and beards vibe.

That, or I am getting old!


It is though a great place, airy and colourful, the staff is extra nice and efficient, and bonus point? There is space for a pram … so perfect for a young family Sunday out. As it does tend to get very crowded, best to go early (which having a baby is no longer a problem for us … but in days past I would not have been there at 10:30… ). 

Lovely place to stop at if you are in the neighbourhood. Worth the effort to go all the way there is not around? Probably not as there are other places which satisfy the same cravings. But if you are around the corner Cafe de la Presse is worth its coffee and … international press. 

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